After the two races of the RMC Clubsport and the RMC Germany in Mülsen, the young driver from Schöneck (Hesse) faced the next challenge with the 4th race in the RMC Clubsport on the 1020m long Breitwangbang. A very special, winding track, on which it depends above all on the driving performance. On a total of three training days Henri was able to adjust to the new track, on which he had not driven before.

“Tough weather conditions but so close racing with Maxim in heat 1. Loved it.”

On Friday, our arrival day after the report card ceremony at school, Henri started the race weekend with a lot of confidence in the afternoon with three solid first practice sessions (best time: 0:52.228). The extremely hot temperatures, at times 36 degrees, were still to play an important role this weekend. Already in the first training sessions it was clear that Henri felt very comfortable on the track and in his kart. His speed was consistently very good compared to the others and above all he is becoming more and more consistent in the course of the season.

On Saturday, a total of 6 training sessions were on the program for the Rotax Max Micro class. After the last fine tunings on the engine and the chassis we could finish the day with a 0:52.078 and the second best time among all riders in his class and prepare for the very busy and early starting Sunday. So it was going to be very exciting.

Already at 8:00 am and with early temperatures of already 26 degrees the warm-up of the Micro class started. With increasing number of laps the track became faster and Henri was able to secure P2 in the warm-up with a 0:52.346, behind Kimi Mey on P1 who was able to improve in his last lap and finished the warm-up with 0.067 seconds ahead. Championship leader Maxim Becker took 3rd place, just under half a second behind Henri.

The timed practice at 9:25 am was to be a highlight. Henri was very motivated from the start and was determined to translate what he had learned into a perfect lap. To this end, he took flight and was the first to drive out of the pit lane onto the track, followed by Lennox Litzinger and Maxim Becker, the two closest competitors this year. With a best time of 0:51.647 and only 0.049 seconds behind pole setter Maxim Becker, he ended up in a very good second place in qualifying.

In the first race at 10:52 am, Henri started from the first row of the grid. Henri was able to get in line directly behind Maxim Becker after the first turn and thus make a very solid start. We had discussed that Henri would not attack Maxim at first in order to gain a lead over the rest of the field together with him. The young pilot stuck to this and the two were able to pull clear. In the first four laps Henri was clearly faster than his opponent, who needed longer to find his speed. With only 0.817 seconds behind and almost 5 seconds ahead of third-placed Lennox Litzinger, Henri finished the first race in second place.

The second race, which started at 12:30 pm, unfortunately did not go according to plan. With the goal to reach the second place in the overall standings Henri went into the race. Unfortunately, he was only able to get behind Lennox Litzinger at the start, who took advantage of the better starting position (inside) and tacked directly behind Maxim Becker. The temperatures of meanwhile over 30 degrees put a challenge to all young drivers. Henri was able to put pressure on Lennox Litzinger at first, but could not get past him. An exciting duel began. From the halfway point of the race, Henri noticed that he lacked the necessary freshness to attack the two riders in front. In the end, he had to settle for an unchallenged third place, which also meant third place in the day’s standings.

Henri was again able to make very important steps and further establish himself at the top. We can build on his speed in qualifying and both races and his increasingly consistent lap times. All in all, a very positive race weekend on a new track.

  • To come: Rotax Max Challenge Clubsport in Wittgenborn 26./27.08.2022