Great joy for Henri Möhring from Schöneck. On his home track in Wittgenborn he experienced two successful weekends and cleaned up at the final of the Rotax Max Challenge Germany. By winning the Micro Championship, he secured a ticket to the big World Final in Bahrain – where he will represent Germany and meet the world’s best Micro pilots. “I’m super happy after the weekend.Everything went very well and I am proud to have won the ticket for the World Final. It’s going to be a mega event, and in Bahrain to boot,” beamed the nine-year-old racer on Sunday evening.

He now spent two weekends in a row on the 1,038-meter Vogelsbergring.The finale of the West German ADAC Kart Cup kicked things off.Competing in the Mini 60 class, the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen e.V. promotional driver held his own against strong competition and finished a very good third.”That was a real boost. I’m driving my first season in the Mini 60 class and I’m learning every time. This success gives me further momentum for the upcoming ADAC Kart Masters finale,” summed up the Hessian.

Just a few days later, he continued as championship leader in the Rotax Max Challenge Germany and the RMC Cup Series. In contrast to the Mini 60 class, in the RMC all riders start with 125cc engines and different tires – a high power density and close fights are guaranteed. With 5 victories and 6 second places in the past events, Henri traveled as a big favorite and lived up to his role. In total, he had to master three qualifying runs, from which a daily ranking determined the winner at the end. As second after qualifying, he already had a good starting position and delivered a gripping battle with his fellow competitor in the races. Both proved to be very fair and made the spectators cheer.

In the end, Henri had the longer breath and, with a last-minute maneuver in the final race on Sunday, took the victory and thus also the win in the day’s classification. “Those were three very close and highly exciting races. Julian and I gave everything and fought very fairly. That was great fun. I’m happy to have won, of course. In addition to the stage win, I am now also champion in the RMC Germany and the RMC Cup Series,” Henri said happily.

The big Rotax showdown now comes for him at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Bahrain. At the world finals, all finalists will compete with identical karts and engines provided by the manufacturer. But before that, there are still a few events waiting in Germany. The first of these is the East German ADAC Kart Cup in Mülsen next weekend. There, the protégé from the TB Racing Team will prepare for the ADAC Kart Masters finals one week later at the same location. “Currently I’m tenth overall and third in the U10 classification. I’m hoping for another improvement in the overall standings. The Arena E suits me, and I’ll be going all out there again,” concludes the FA Alonso kart driver.