After the successful performance with P2 at the RMC Germany in Wittgenborn, it went for the young driver from Schöneck (Hesse) to the season finale of the RMC Germany 2022 in Genk, Belgium. On the international track called ‘Home of Champions’ the last points in this year’s championship were awarded. We traveled to the event with the ambitious goal of replacing Lennox Litzinger, who had previously been in second place, and securing the runner-up title in the Rotax Micro class. Henri could already show on the test days in preparation for the race weekend that the track suits him and that he felt comfortable right away. It began intensive, driving detail work to find more tenths in Genk.

The first day of testing on Friday in the rain was already promising for us. Henri was among the faster drivers who were able to cope with the difficult track conditions and the recurring rain. However, it was going to be tight. After 6 practice sessions we ended the test day optimistic and looking forward to the first race day, which was waiting for us with a timed practice and two heats.

“The track in Genk is awesome. Wide corners and high-speed straights. I love it.”

With three practice sessions in the morning, Henri started the day very well. Also on Saturday we had to prepare for a wet track with rain coming down again and again. It was obvious that his rival for the runner-up title was having difficulties coping with the ever-changing conditions in Genk. The chances of securing the runner-up title on the last race weekend were small, but they were there. It turned out to be a gripping season finale. In the warm-up Henri ended up in a promising second place, just behind Julian Dümmer, who also did very well in the rain.

In qualifying, things didn’t look good at first. Henri unfortunately ended up only in 5th place due to a trip into the grass and thus a bad position in the field. Henri had to get in line behind his competitor Lennox Litzinger and drive a fast lap in the remaining time. However, this was not to succeed, because in the last lap his front man went off the gas and Henri demonstratively waved past. This destroyed the chance of a fast last lap and both drivers had to line up in the middle of the field after qualifying. Henri’s poor starting position for the two heats was therefore going to be a challenge for the young driver. Nevertheless, we went with confidence into the two races in the afternoon, which were also to take place in the rain.

In both heats Henri could prove his ability to be fast in the rain and not to be upset by setbacks. He finished both heats in 3rd place starting from 5th place, which in combination with qualifying meant a very good result with P2 in the ‘Ranking after Heats’. So the tide had turned and Henri started from the first row of the grid next to Maxim Becker in the two heats on Sunday. Lennox Litzinger finished the day in fifth place in the ‘Raking after Heats’. Both drivers were separated by only a few points at this point in the battle for the runner-up title.

The race Sunday in drying conditions started at 9:00 am with the warm-up of the Rotax Micro class. The first race was to take place on a dry track and provide additional excitement. After a good start Henri found himself on P2 behind Maxim Becker and after a driving mistake by Maxim Becker he should lead the race for a while. However, the latter fought his way back and overtook Henri with a courageous maneuver, whereby Henri landed in the grass with two tires. With dirty tires, Henri lost several kart lengths and ultimately had to settle for third place. The beneficiary was Julian Dümmer, who was able to fight his way through the duel of Möhring and Becker and won in the end. However, Julian Dümmer was excluded from the classification after the race following a technical disqualification. This should give Henri important points in the championship and secured him again the start from the front row in the last classification race of the season.

The last race of the season was to be an absolute highlight. Henri won the start and was able to lead the race. He benefited from a contact with Maxim Becker, who was forced to take his place at the back of the field. Henri showed a flawless race and was able to keep the second placed Julian Dümmer at a distance of 3 seconds. The last victory of the season and 25 points went to Henri Möhring. From then on, there was some wild calculating between all the participants.

Lennox Litzinger could not get beyond a fourth place in the last race, leaving important points in the fight for the runner-up title. Second place went to Julian Dümmer, who had to admit defeat to Henri.

For the overall standings, this race victory also meant victory in the daily standings. In addition, Henri Möhring secured the runner-up title of the ADAC Rotax Max Challenge Germany 2022 at the last race of the season. An incredibly instructive season comes to an end. Through hard work, also off the track, Henri was able to continuously develop and gain very valuable experience.

  • To come: two-day ADAC Hessen-Thüringen selection on 25./26.10.22 in Kerpen