The expectation that arose in his environment and himself should be a possible victory. The background was that two of his main competitors in the fight for the championship, Maxim Becker and also Lennox Litzinger, both started in the Mini class, as their positions in the championship were safe for them. So the door was open for the youngest driver in the field, however, he still had to go through, despite the difficult conditions and the expectations that had to be met.

“Couldn’t wait to race at night for the first time. It was tough but so much fun.”

We traveled to Belleben for this race weekend already on Thursday noon to make the first meters before the race. It was obvious from the first moment on the new track that Henri liked the fast course and that he prepared for the race weekend with joy and concentration. The times were fast right away and we were able to prepare for Friday after two practice sessions on Thursday. With a total of 6 practice sessions and a lot of detail work, we were able to finish the day as the fastest of the day and confirm the positive development in recent months, even on a track that was not yet familiar.

At noon on Saturday, we started the first free practice sessions before qualifying was scheduled for late afternoon. With only five minutes for the drivers to deliver a fast lap, this qualifying session was significantly shorter than in the previous races of the season. Henri was wide awake from the start and managed to take pole position with a 0:49.192, followed by Tiberius Müller with a 0:49.277 and Max Moor 0:49.329. Henri’s first pole position of the current season.

Without another warm-up, the race went into the first heat, where Henri led the field for the first time from the start and held on to first place from the beginning with a very good speed. Only Julian Dümmer was able to keep up with the speed and overtake Henri three laps before the end. However, Henri countered with a courageous overtaking maneuver in the following turn and did not let him take the victory from this point on. In the end, he crossed the finish line 3.024 seconds ahead of Max Moor and we were able to celebrate the first race win of his still young career.

Also in the second run the young Micro driver didn’t let anything go despite difficult visibility conditions and was able to shake off his competitors at the distance. An exciting race began in extreme conditions. It was Kimi Mey who was able to keep up with Henri at first, but had to let his own mistakes slip away. Henri was not allowed to make a mistake and he did not. Thus he also secured the victory in the second run with 1.795 seconds ahead of Kimi Mey.

Henri thus secured the day’s victory in Belleben and a really very pleasing third place in the championship for the RMC Clubsport title. Right behind his competitors Maxim Becker (1st) and Lennox Litzinger (2nd). For us this first year in the RMC Clubsport ends with a real highlight and very important experiences for his further development. Especially the experience to lead a race and to win it in spite of pressure from behind are very important experiences Henri could collect in Belleben.

  • To come: The last race of the season for RMC Germany in Genk 15./16.10.22