After the successful performance at the RMC Clubsport, the third round of the RMC Germany 2022 was on the agenda for Henri Möhring. Once again, the race was to be held at the Vogelsbergring in Wittgenborn, which is not far away. Through numerous test days and the past race weekend in the RMC Clubsport, we were able to adjust very well to the track.

“Racing on my home track and almost landing on P1 was fun.”

The first day of testing on Friday went very well for us. Henri was by far the fastest driver in his class right from the start and performed very confidently. After 5 practice sessions we ended the test day with a lot of anticipation for the first race day, which was waiting for us with a timed practice and two heats.

With two training sessions in the morning, Henri started the day promisingly. It was going to be very exciting. For the first time, we had deliberately set ourselves the goal of attacking the championship leader Maxim Becker. The plan was to work. Already in the warm-up it became clear that Henri could keep up with Maxim Becker. He landed on P2 with only two tenths distance to his competitor.

In the timed practice the picture repeated itself. Henri secured the second grid position for the two heats with a 0:51.413, just behind Maxim Becker and ahead of Lennox Litzinger. Unfortunately, P2 also meant the worse starting position for the starts of the two heats. Nevertheless, we went with confidence into the two races in the afternoon.

Already the first heat should show that the second starting position on the outside meant a difficult starting situation for us. In the end it was unfortunately only enough for P4 after a contact directly after the start, which threw Henri back. In the second heat a very similar picture, but with P3 a good end of the day. The positive news: Henri finished the day with P3 in the ‘Ranking after Heats’, which meant the third and therefore better starting position for the first race on Sunday.

The race Sunday started at 8:00 am with the warm-up of the Rotax Micro class. Henri ended up with a 0:51.598 on P2 behind Maxim Becker (0:51.386) and Tiberius Müller on P3 (0:51.806). The first race was to be an absolute highlight. After a bad start Henri found himself on P4, but he pushed forward to P2 already in the third turn after the start with a courageous overtaking maneuver. From this moment on Henri was able to break away from the rest of the field together with Maxim Becker and deliver an exciting race, wheel to wheel. Henri attacked Maxim in the fourth lap and took the lead of a race for the first time. Henri was able to pull away slightly as the leader for three laps before Maxim regained first place. From then on, the lead changed several times and the two opponents engaged in a tough but fair exchange of blows. Shortly before the end of the race, Henri overtook Maxim Becker, who snatched back the lead again in the penultimate corner. Henri crossed the finish line in second place in the photo finish, just 0.066 thousandths behind.

The second race, on the other hand, was unfortunate. Unfortunately, Henri had a contact with a too impetuous driver directly after the start, which shifted his kart and threw him back to the last place. Nevertheless, he was able to keep up with the field. But that was not enough. Two drivers crashed in front of him, standing crosswise on the track at a part of the track that was not visible. Henri’s car in front couldn’t avoid them and crashed hard into the standing kart on the track. Unfortunately, Henri was also unable to react and avoid the situation. Henri also crashed into the abruptly braking front man and damaged his steering. From this moment on Henri had to follow the field for the first time and make the best out of this unfortunate situation. He really gave his all with an unbalanced kart and crooked steering. The lap times were accordingly somewhat worse, but he was still able to work his way up to 4th place in the end.

For the daily standings this fourth place meant an excellent second place in the overall standings and valuable points in the championship for the Rotax Max Challenge Germany 2022. A very exciting and above all instructive weekend ended with Henri’s first P2 podium this season. The last race will now take place on 15./16.10.2022 in Genk (Belgium). Henri arrives as third in the championship and we will again try everything to achieve the maximum result.

  • To come: First night race for RMC Clubsport in Belleben 24./25.9.2022