This year will bring many new things as well as building onto last years racing moments for the young driver. As we have spent many days of free practice in Italy this winter, we have decided to step up into Mini60, racing ADAC Kart Masters 2023 on a national level plus gaining first racing experiences at WSK races in Italy. As our season opener we will be competing in Trofeo Andrea Margutti in Lonato March 16-19th. In 2022 this race counted 290 drivers from 43 countries.

To remain what we have started last year Henri will be racing the Rotax Max Challenge Germany with 4 races in total in his well know Micro class. In addition we will start at some prep races to get ready for ADAC Kart Masters 2023.

“This season gonna be such a cool experience, especially starting in ADAC Kart Master for the first time plus all the international races with quick racers from around the globe.”

Here’s our full racing calendar of season 2023:

16.-19.03. Trofeo Andrea Margutti in Lonato, Italien (Mini 60)
25.-26.03. RMC Wackersdorf (Rotax Micro)
29.-30.04. RMC Kerpen (Rotax Micro)
06.-07.05. SAKC/OAKC Wackersdorf (Mini 60)
13.-14.05. ADAC Kart Masters Wackersdorf (Mini 60)
20.-21.05. SAKC Ampfing (Mini 60)
10.-11.06. ADAC Kart Masters Ampfing (Mini 60)
15.-16.07. ADAC Kart Masters Mülsen (Mini 60)
22.-23.07. RMC Mülsen (Rotax)
29.-30.07. WAKC Kerpen (Mini 60)
05.-06.08. ADAC Kart Masters Kerpen (Mini 60)
12.-13.08. RMC Belleben / Nightrace (Rotax Micro)
16.-17.09. RMC Wittgenborn (Rotax Micro)
23.-24.9. OAKC Mülsen (Mini 60)
30.09.-01.10. ADAC Kart Masters Mülsen (Mini 60)
16.-19.11. WSK Final Cup in Lonato, Italien (Mini 60)
23.-26.11. WSK Final Cup in Franciacorta, Italien (Mini 60)

We are all very excited what this season will bring to us and you can be sure, we’ll be working hard to achieve the best possible results in every single race in wich we cross a finish line. So glad we have the chance with the right partners aside to go for this racing calendar in 2023.

Stay tuned.

  • To come: Season-opening race Tropheo Andrea Margutti 16.-19.03.23 in Lonato